General contractor

As a general contractor, we can realise your turnkey dream home, supporting you at every step from the initial idea to a completed house ready for occupancy. The following could illustrate an example of this:

1. plot of land:

You purchase the plot of land of your choice. If you have not yet found the right plot or would like to compare offers, we offer you contact addresses, visit a possible building site with you and advise you on price issues.

2. design phase:

With our in-house architecture department, you design your individual dream home. If you already have ideas, we will concretize them by means of CAD drawings, if you do not have any ideas yet, you will develop your new home together with our architects.

3. offer:

The price decides. We prepare a non-binding offer for your building project. From the building application, to the planning, to the finished house, all services are included. We calculate an exact price for you. That means, we do not create a cost estimate, which can deviate by a certain percentage. This is especially welcome by banks, because the customer can specify an exact amount for the required credit. If you would like to eliminate items from the quote and do it yourself or outsource it, this option is of course also available to you.

Our most important principle: the customer knows the exact price he pays for his house.

4. building application:

If you agree with the offer, a contract for work will be drawn up. Now the plans for your building project are submitted with the necessary approval forms to the municipality and the canton. They issue the building permit. For the submission of the building permit, building application plans are drawn from the drafts.

5. execution planning:

The script for your house is written. Now the drafts become concrete. Together with our planners, you define your house in detail. From the choice of door handles to the color of your parquet, from the opening of the windows to the drive of your blinds. On the basis of a process protocol, you design your very own home.

6. factory planning and prefabrication:

Once your house is defined, the factory planning begins. Our technicians prepare the construction phase. Materials are ordered, machine data is written and the elements are prefabricated.

7. Construction start:
The builder prepares the ground for your house at the outset. Concrete work for basements and the foundation is realised.

8. Erection:

The prefabricated elements are now erected following preparation of the site. The outer shell of the house is closed. Only one to two weeks elapse between the first wall and construction of the roof.

9. Interior finishing:

Work on the interior is now realised. The entire building technology is completed, walls are plastered and flooring is laid.

10. Final inspection (acceptance):

We take acceptance of your house together with you. Any deficiencies or warranties are recorded and eliminated.

11. Handover of keys:

We hand the keys to your completed dream home over to you around six months after approval of your building project.