Mission statement

We want to meet customer needs on the Valais timber market by manufacturing products in line with market requirements and by developing and selling efficient system solutions. In order to maintain our financial independence, we deem it necessary to achieve a leading market position as a significant factor in safeguarding of our future.

We embrace the continuous change process in our environment and society. We need to recognise this change on a broad basis, evaluate it and selectively incorporate it in our field of activity.

Through long-term relations in a spirit of partnership with institutions, architects, subcontractors and traders, we want to identify changes on the timber market at an early stage and ensure that market needs are optimally covered. We assert ourselves in a difficult competitive environment through independent innovations and the needs-based quality of our products and services. We offer our employees a social working environment that promotes teamwork, ensures that targets are met and encourages their personal development. We are ready to promote further education and reward outstanding performance appropriately.

We wish to inform, decide and act as simply and directly as possible in all issues. A clear organisation and flexible management with appropriate hierarchical delegation of competences will strengthen and assert this central principle in the long term.

We want to manage all resources in a responsible manner during all our activities. We ensure that environmentally friendly working methods suited to the workplace are employed. Residual materials should be reused as well as possible through recycling. We are a reliable, socio-political and socially responsible partner for the community.