As advertised

You can find properties from our advertisements here, including plans, photos and prices.

The customer is king

No house from our advertising is a catalog product. Each project can be customized according to the customer's needs. Our houses are turnkey products. This means that from the design to the construction management, from the floor slab to the kitchen to the last ridge tile, all services are included in the quoted prices. Not included in the offer is the land. This is to be acquired on site. We are happy to assist you in the search and selection of a suitable building plot.

For the selection of the kitchen, the sanitary appliances and the floor coverings budget items were defined for our price calculation. This means that the customer has the following amount at his disposal for which he can choose the listed items:

  • Kitchen: 25'000
  • Sanitary appliances: 10'500.- per wet cell
  • Floor and wall coverings: 55.-/m2 (material price).