The new Monte Rosa Hut

The "Alpine hut of the future" was erected around 100 metres above the old hut to mark the 150th anniversary of ETH Zurich. 

Following planning that extended over about six years and a construction phase of two summers realised by Holzbau AG in Mörel-Filet, the new Monte Rosa Hut (Bergkristall) was opened on 25 September 2009. Five floors were constructed on an octagonal base of reinforced concrete, offering overnight accommodation to 120 guests. 

The new building was the result of digital planning and CNC cutting in timber construction with an aluminium envelope, with concepts for sustainable energy use also being implemented. A photovoltaic system on the southern façade delivering 16 kWp, a ventilation system with heat recovery, a water circuit for the toilet system and washing machine, and intelligent and networked building services enable the hut to produce 90% of the energy required regeneratively, without an electricity and water connection. A cogeneration plant powered with rapeseed oil and diesel is available during spells of bad weather. Construction costs were approximately EUR 4.18 million.

The new Monte Rosa Hut opened to guests in March 2010, but it will also continue to serve ETH Zurich as a research building in the areas of energy and building technology.