Log house in Bürchen

Log house with basement in Bürchen. The extensive window surface ensures a high degree of natural light. The basement was lined with façade brick.

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Procedure for log construction

Advantages of Log construction

CO2-neutral raw material

Wood bonds CO2 and only releases this again during combustion or decomposition. With a timber house, you are supporting this natural cycle.

Durable and highly resistant

The oldest wooden building in Switzerland dates back to the 12th century and is located in Simplon Dorf. Ships and aircraft were built exclusively with wood for a very long period.

Indoor climate

Wood is cosy. Its ability to absorb and emit moisture again at all times creates a pleasant living climate.

More ecological

Renewable, environmentally friendly, short transportation routes, recyclable. These and many other arguments make wood the material of the future.

Strict fire protection

Wood burns – but predictably. Even in the event of a 1,000°C fire, wood remains undamaged and stable one centimetre below the charred surface.

SFH in Bürchen

Log building

5½ Rooms, 151m² living space


Chalet in Montana

Log building

6½ Rooms, 196m² living space


SFH in Hegdorn

Log building

6½ Rooms, 215m² living space


SFH in Mühlebach

Log building

5½ Rooms, 169m² living space


SFH in Breiten

Log building

7½ Rooms, 274m² living space

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