How to acquire your new prefabricated house

We support you, from the initial idea to your turnkey home.

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Roof designs of all types, barns, halls, bridges and façades are our specialities when it comes to log construction. We look forward to showing you the efficient solutions inherent in wood, and our competent staff will make your dreams come true.


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Four steps to your own home

Consultation: It all begins with an idea

The satisfaction of customers is enormously important to us, which is why we invest a great deal of time in extensive consultation. We will advise you in all aspects of structural engineering that you wish or, indeed, need to learn about. Together with you or your architect, we will advise you on the opportunities and options inherent in a modern log building and, consequently, your dream home.

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Show house: Take a look for yourself

Each and every one of our element and prefabricated houses is a show house in which families can also feel at home. We have the advantage of being able to take you to view occupied show houses of this kind. But you don't need to make the long trip to Valais as we will be more than happy to send you literature on our prefabricated houses in response to your request. 

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Planning: Every step is carefully conceived

Perfectly considered planning is the most important step towards realisation of your home. We cooperate with you to create a cost projection and time schedule. We have a range of interesting suggestions to make during layout and elevation planning that allow for countless variants. When it comes to element and prefab construction, we are one of the most up-to-date companies in this sector, meaning anything is possible. "Anything is possible" is therefore also our slogan – and a very appropriate motto. Roof shapes, exterior façades ... everything is individual and realised exactly to suit your wishes.

Construction phase: From production to assembly

Production of your home only commences when everything has been correctly planned. Element by element, wall by wall, the building grows in a creative process that demonstrates an enormous affection for wood. You are with us every step of the way, right from the very beginning, allowing you to see how your home develops on a scale of 1:1. And you alone decide just how far we may extend your house.

Advantages of element and prefab construction

CO2-neutral raw material

Wood bonds CO2 and only releases this again during combustion or decomposition. With a timber house, you are supporting this natural cycle.

Cost effective

The short construction duration and high level of prefabrication means that timber construction has a clear advantage over other construction methods.

Durable and highly resistant

The oldest wooden building in Switzerland dates back to the 12th century and is located in Simplon Dorf. Ships and aircraft were built exclusively with wood for a very long period.

More ecological

Renewable, environmentally friendly, short transportation routes, recyclable. These and many other arguments make wood the material of the future.

Rapid construction phase

Digital processes and well-established procedures make timber construction a flexible and rapid building method.

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Some prefabricated houses

Prefab house in Hilterfingen

Element construction

5½ Rooms, 161m² living space


Prefab house in Eggerberg (Kopie)

Element construction

4½ Rooms, 126m² living space

Prefab house in Ried-Brig

Element construction

6½ Rooms, 172m² living space


Prefab house in Eggerberg

Element construction

4½ Rooms, 126m² living space


Double house in Naters

Element construction

2x 6½ Rooms, 165m² living space